A Modality systems webinar on-demand

Helping you focus on the user experience to ensure a successful technology transformation.


As the positioning of technology becomes more that of facilitator to change, so increases the acceptance that those using the technology are key to recognising the full value to the business.

As part of our ongoing look at the key factors of maximising adoption and tackling cultural change, in this webinar we will focus on the importance of the user experience when it comes to the interaction with the technology. Despite all the talk of Unified Communications over the past 10+ years, the reality for most organisations is that they are still very reliant on a mix of cloud and on premise communications and collaboration services within their daily operations.

So how do you ensure you give your users a more unified experience to keep them with you on the journey change?

In this on-demand webinar, special emphasis will be given to our CustomInvite application that can be used to positively affect the user experience through the integration of the various communication modalities such as audio conferencing, video and room systems. Real life examples will be used to demonstrate how some of our clients have approached and benefitted from a unified user experience.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  • Learn how CustomInvite can be used to positively affect the user experience.
  • Gain firsthand insights from customer case studies highlighting user adoption successes.
  • Top tips on how to focus on the user experience when implementing a technology change to ensure maximum uptake & adoption of the technology.

This on-demand webinar is aimed at technology owners, business heads or anyone responsible for business transformation initiatives that could involve the potential adoption of Microsoft Skype for Business and collaboration services. A general understanding of the technology is useful but not essential as the content will not be overly technical.

Content level: Business & High-level technical




Tom Scott

Head of User Adoption

Tom is Head of User Adoption for Modality Systems, responsible for helping global clients across a wide range of industries identify and execute the best way to deploy Skype for Business, ensuring it is successfully adopted by their users. Tom’s focus is very firmly on identifying ways in which technology can add value to people in their work & lives.



Ian Guest

Head of Marketing

Ian is Head of Marketing for Modality Systems, responsible for helping organisations translate and understand the potential value of collaboration technology. With a wealth of experience in the enterprise communications industry, Ian is very aware of the need by business to realise the value of their technology investments.