Productivity tools are like gym memberships, buying one won't automatically improve your performance 

Even after exhaustive shortlisting, prototyping, implementation and roll-out, many business technology solutions fail to deliver the results promised by the vendors. Before you consider replacing the tech, take a moment to consider how your people are actually using it. Without the proper onboarding, training and support, many technology investments are destined for under-utilisation, leaving your team under-performing.

Meet the personal trainers of Cloud communications

Watch Modality Systems' on-demand webinar - Skype for Business: Uptake, adoption and results to learn how we drive company-wide adoption of Skype for Business and increase employee adoption up to 94% with our Cloud Communications Express Solution - a full spectrum digital enterprise service, built on our bespoke apps:

  • TrainMe: complete user instruction and education
  • SurveyMe: user satisfaction surveys to monitor adoption
  • CustomInvite: enhances quality of Skype user experiences



Cloud Communications Express from Modality Systems is a full spectrum service to help plan, implement and drive internal adoption of Skype for Business with Office 365. The services are designed to help you identify and deliver on the value of communications and collaboration within your organisation to ultimately achieve and exceed ROI.

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