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As we watch the devastating impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on individuals, families, the Health sector and notably the global economy, organizations are being urged to work remotely in harmony with recent Government guidelines.

This has led to an influx of businesses implementing Microsoft Teams at an incredible pace. For many people and teams, there are ample things to learn and adapt to for a new way of working in these difficult circumstances. 

To help with this scenario, Microsoft Modern Workplace specialist Modality Systems, invites you watch a webinar with practical advice and guidance to help you:

  • Understand the challenges organizations are facing with remote working
  • The options available to implement Microsoft Teams and the implications including

    Turn it on and hope for the best, with guidance on:
    - Duplication
    - Sprawl
    - User education
    - Cleaning up after Coronavirus

    Apply security and governance basics and turn it on:
    - What you need to know

    Apply security, governance and adoption and change management, with guidance on:
    - Efficient adoption and change management strategies
    - Live event training for the masses 
    - Usage reports and the provision of training as a result
    - Support for Champions and IT support
  • Adapting to change
    - Looking at the way people work to change the way you work in the future
    - Taking the opportunity to reshape your business 
  • Open discussion

With over 14 years’ experience delivering Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions to over 1000 organizations across the globe, we are here for you if you need any help or advice to support your organization during this challenging and sensitive time.

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