Part one of a three-part webinar series on-demand

The journey towards Digital Transformation is underpinned by collaboration and cloud capabilities arriving now and in the future. 

As organizations define their journey towards Digital Transformation the evaluation of collaboration technologies is a critical component for realizing complete confidence in any transformation project. In part one of our three-part Digital Transformation webinar series, we examined the role of collaboration technology in Digital Transformation. 

This webinar aimed to explain the capabilities that exist today in Skype for Business which can help boost employee productivity, foster a collaborative working environment and deliver a return on investment from your technology. 


Key takeaways:

  • Learn to achieve Digital Transformation through collaboration technology.
  • Build a Skype for Business journey for today, tomorrow and the future.
  • The answers to the "What and How" of starting and enabling the journey.
  • Understand how to measure the ROI of Digital Transformation.
  • Skype for Business case study examples.

Start your Digital Transformation journey with the world's leading dedicated Skype for Business practice, and see improvements in collaboration and productivity across your global workforce.

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