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My week of work experience at Modality Systems

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My week of work experience at Modality Systems

Written by Modality Newsroom on 5, June 2019

Hi, I’m Holly. I’m 15, and currently studying for my GCSE’s. Recently I spent a week at Modality Systems for work experience, learning about how a company works and working with the developers to create a Bot which controls your Spotify.

Holly WheeldonIt was an amazing experience where I gained a real insight into the workings of a company – I never realised there were so many people working behind the scenes. I have learnt how the different teams fit together to create a successful business, and about the role each one plays. It was also interesting to experience what working life is like: from commuting to work, to what it’s like to be in an office (it’s very different from a school environment).

Working with the developers to create a program, showed me how a team of developers work together to plan and create a product, which is something that I had never thought about before. I also loved coding and working with other people to solve all the problems that we encountered.

On the first two days, I was in the head office in St Albans, where I visited lots of the different departments and talked to them about what they do. I enjoyed getting stuck in doing some hands-on work with the marketing team, and it was interesting watching the support team as they dealt with customers and helped them fix their technology - I got to see what they do on a day-to-day basis. The range of departments I saw showed me how a company needs so many different people with different skills to be successful.

Creating a bot in Modality Systems NorwichDuring my first morning in the Developers office in Norwich, we planned our project: finding out what features people need, and working out how the different applications will work together to make these features possible. It was great to see the other parts of developing a product, apart from the actual coding, as I hadn’t really seen these aspects of the work before. After this we got down to the programming. I loved the challenge of working in C#, a language that I hadn’t used much before. It was also very exciting to use Microsoft’s AI application, to help my bot understand what a user tells it.

When we had nearly finished testing the bot, I sent it out to other people in the office, so that they could try it out and help me find out what wasn’t working as it should, and what else they would like me to add. I love challenges and solving problems, so creating a more complex program was great fun!

I really enjoyed my work experience at Modality Systems and I now have a much better understanding of what working life is like. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming to me, and I have learnt so much from each and every one of them.


Holly Wheeldon | GCSE Student


Watch Holly's Spotify bot in action in the video below.



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