on demand: Ensuring Microsoft Teams Adoption, Security, and Governance

Webinar, Tuesday May 5th 

As remote working has now become fundamental in everyday life, implementing tools to allow workforce collaboration and provide public services without the restrictions of a physical office base will be key to Central Government. But how do you enable a remote workforce to deliver a range of advanced services, while maintaining security and governance around often sensitive data?

Microsoft Teams has been the answer for many organizations needing to thrive in a remote working landscape, offering a hub for teamwork with a long list of feature capabilities and Microsoft security built in.

With Central Government’s unique set of requirements, there are many questions around how Microsoft Teams can provide the right solution:

  • How does Microsoft Teams keep our data secure?
    • Fundamentals for success
    • Life Cycle Management
  • How can we ensure that our workforce will be prepared to embrace the new technology
    • Adoption and Change Management approach
    • Why is it crucial?

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