on demand: Microsoft Teams adoption and change management

Webinar, Thursday 12th March 2020

About this Webinar series:

As the modern workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the deployment of technology doesn’t guarantee immediate success. So, how do you deliver successful collaboration and increase productivity in a world that favours flexible and remote working?

Hailed as a critical enabler to collaborative working, Microsoft Teams has seen huge success within two years of launching with 91 of the Fortune 100 businesses adopting it. However, many organizations have a multitude of questions about the technology and its deployment:

  • Would my organization benefit from Microsoft Teams?
  • How does Teams differ from other collaboration products?
  • How can I prepare both technically and culturally for collaboration technologies?
  • Can I ensure the security of my data?
  • How can I encourage user adoption for maximum ROI?
  • Can we prevent data sprawl and GDPR breaches within Teams?

A comprehensive change management strategy that educates end-users and encourages the adoption of new technologies is crucial to any successful organizational rollout. In this session, we’ll explore how you can implement a change management strategy for Microsoft Teams that will ensure high adoption rates, ROI and boost overall satisfaction when using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Presented by: Peter Vasey, Head of Pre-Sales at Modality Systems  


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