Microsoft Teams is a user focused interface ideally suited for groups of people working on a specific task, project or activity.

Microsoft Teams provides a single workspace or hub for teamwork, offering easy access to the suite of collaborative and communication technologies within Office 365, as well as a growing number of third party business applications.

Microsoft Teams is transforming the way businesses work - bringing together a mix of workers from across different teams, locations & countries with the ability to work remotely and on mobile. 

Collaboration in the workplace remains a key factor in realising business goals and success.
The interaction and working together of people to achieve a certain outcome still lies at the heart of business. But how do you make the collaborative experience better, improving efficiency, productivity and accessibility, at anytime and anyplace?

The answer comes in the form of a fusion between people and technology to enhance the process of collaboration, empowering people to achieve more and the business to reap maximum value.


Navigating the journey to Microsoft Teams

Asset 15795With so many component parts making up the Teams story, ensuring it delivers on its potential requires the consideration of a number of technical and user-based factors.

Whether you are starting afresh with Teams or migrating from Skype for Business, Modality Systems have created a portfolio of services to help you navigate your journey to Microsoft Teams. 

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* The Teams workshops are subject to some regional variances and conditions.