what is impact assessment?

Impact Assessment  from Modality Systems is a time limited, non-intrusive service designed to help you understand the performance of your network. It utilises Modality Systems software based nodes to make real Skype for Business calls across your environment at regular intervals and specified concurrency, 24/7. It can be used for wired and wireless networks, testing the packet loss, latency, jitter and Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS).

Real-time communication is incredibly sensitive to network quality, and a poorly performing network will impact your Skype for Business experience. Our Impact Assessment service identifies and addresses any areas of concern, ensuring you have the best audio, video and conferencing experience ahead of your Skype for Business roll-out.

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are driving a communications evolution at the heart of your digital workplace. Modality Systems’ Impact Assessment lets you begin your journey with confidence.


  1. ASSESS READINESS: Assess the performance and readiness of the network ahead of any roll-out of voice related services of migration to Cloud Phone System.

  2. TROUBLESHOOT: Check the performance of existing environments where there are already known or perceived quality issues to help identify any problem areas for corrective action.

  3. VALIDATE: Validate the ‘before and after’ of a network architecture change or the addition of a new site – ensuring continuity and quality of service is unaffected.

Download the Impact assessment DATA SHEET




  • Modality Systems test nodes making real Skype calls.
  • Remotely managed service.
  • Quick and uncomplicated to deploy and run. No Network dependencies.
  • Data collated and analysed using Microsoft PowerBI.
  • Insights and interpretation of data by an experienced specialist.
  • Non-instrusive and minimal prerequisites on your environment.
  • Visual and documented findings report.

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