How well do you know Microsoft Teams?

Insight Session, Wednesday 24 October 2018

Microsoft Teams might be the new kid on the block, but it is maturing fast in terms of its feature set and the number of businesses that are embracing it to improve teamworking and collaboration. But how much do you really know about Microsoft Teams? 

In this recent session, we took a practical look at: 

  • What is Microsoft Teams? 
  • Where does it fit in the organisation compared to other tools and software?
  • What are the potential business benefits with specific look at common use cases? 
  • What does the journey to using Teams look like, how to create a Microsoft Teams road map with consideration given to both new users with no legacy, as well as those facing migration scenarios from the like of Skype for Business? 
  • Microsoft Teams best practices, negating success risks and avoiding the pitfalls.



Our Team

The session was delivered by key members of our Teams Success team, ensuring you get the best advice from the people who know. 

Justin Morris

Justin Morris

Global Strategy Director


Lyndsay Ansell

Project Manager

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Office 365 tools for collaboration, what to use when

Insight Session Thursday 11th April '19 | 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST 

The suite of communication and collaboration tools available within Office 365 products is impressive, but can also be confusing with seemingly overlapping features and use cases. 

Join our upcoming insight session to understand which of the Microsoft Office 365 collaboration tools; Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business and email to use and when. We will cover best practice on how to successfully utilise your Microsoft O365 application and drive continuous consumption within the business. 


On demand 

How to use Microsoft Teams for your telephony and conferencing n 2019

Insight Session Thursday 28th February '19

Over recent years the discussion for migrating telephony and conferencing services to Microsoft Skype for Business has been a relatively straight forward choice of swapping like for like (broadly speaking) business communications services, often triggered by a compelling reason to review existing services.

But with the arrival of Microsoft Teams, ever wondered what that would mean for you? In this session we uncovered the capabilities within Microsoft Teams voice and conferencing features and explored various options from 'bring your own service' models.


On demand

Measuring the value of digital teamwork 

Insight Session Wednesday 14th November '18 

Microsoft is changing the collaboration landscape and providing businesses with the opportunity to drive greater efficiency and transformation in the workplace through digital teamwork.

This session looked at how we can measure ‘success’ with Teamwork Analytics solution from Modality Systems. Teamwork Analytics provides insights on the real activity, usage and behaviour of Microsoft Teams and its users, with the objective of driving a better understanding of the utilisation trends to facilitate continuous improvement initiatives and visibility of the value being recognised by the business.


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