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Your PSTN billing reports simplified

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Your PSTN billing reports simplified

Written by Modality Newsroom on 24, October 2019

An Introduction to the Teamwork Analytics PSTN Billing Module

In the third episode of our vlog series introducing Teamwork Analytics, Principal Solutions Architect Tom Arbuthnot shares a preview of the PSTN Billing Module, designed for Microsoft calling plans and PSTN audio conferencing.


Gain a more detailed view of your Microsoft calling and conferencing costs

By default, Microsoft billing reports detail global usage and the UPN of individual users; however, many organisations require a more accurate reflection of where costs are coming from. With the PSTN Billing Module, your organisation can aggregate total usage in Power BI and filter reports further with an Active Directory attribute – such as country or department. 


The PSTN Billing Module reports include:

  • PSTN Plan Usage
  • PSTN Plan Usage Trends
  • PSTN Bill by Company Unit
  • PSTN Call Charge Summary
  • PSTN Calls by User
  • PSTN Conferences by User

Watch the short video below to learn more.


Looking to improve reporting in your organisation? Try the PSTN Billing Module free today with sample data. If you would like to trial Teamwork Analytics using your own data, please get in touch.

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