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Working in Microsoft Teams - project coordination

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Working in Microsoft Teams - project coordination

Written by Modality Newsroom on 20, June 2019


Operations and Project Coordinator Nicole Matthew joined Modality Systems at the beginning of its migration to Microsoft Teams. The roadmap to Teams is different for every organisation and dependent on the desired business outcomes. We found that focusing on users by department and understanding their requirements was a good starting point. This approach has been integral to making the platform meet the wider business objectives and has helped Nicole’s team avoid common pitfalls, such as an overwhelming number of teams and channels that can cause content sprawl.With new features and applications being introduced on a regular basis, the collaboration and communication possibilities within Teams will continue to grow, providing enterprises with an ever-evolving journey to improved ways of working.

Watch the video below for Nicole's first-had account of her initial impression of Teams, the structure put in place to complement her role and her team's plans to optimise usage moving forward.

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Nicole’s top 5 Teams features for project coordination


When I started working at Modality Systems, it was at the beginning of its migration to Teams. At first, I thought it was like a social media platform for work, but I soon realised it was much more that another way to communicate.

There is a rich selection of features and applications that can be integrated seamlessly into Teams, which I find invaluable. In addition to the structure put in place, which I talk through in the video above, here are the features I find most useful day-to-day:



1. The tagging or mention feature

This prevents requests from getting lost in my inbox and increases visibility of the requirement to the associated Team. For global businesses like ours, this is really useful when you work in different time zones.


2. Notification banners

Namely the one that appears once a meeting I have been invited to has started – bringing scheduled or mainline calls to my attention.


3. The background blur feature in video calls

This is a handy feature, particularly when our sales team join meetings from busy or distracting environments.


4. The ability to link a document to a tab

If you right-click on a document within a channel’s files section and select ‘Save as a tab’, you can use a channel tab as a go-to for main documents – rather than having to navigate to where they’re stored. Our team uses this feature to make our project trackers, which we refer to on a daily basis, more accessible.


5. When Teams highlights channels to indicate there has been new activity

If you weren’t tagged in a conversation, this means you will still be aware of updates within a channel in case there’s something within it that’s helpful to know.


Some additional applications I recommend trying out in Teams are Polly – a polling platform that I recently used to plan a team building event. I am also a big fan of using Microsoft Forms for lessons learnt once a project has been completed.


Nicole Matthew

Operations and Project Coordinator | Modality Systems

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  • Practical steps for applying the right governance and control.
  • How to sustain the momentum and ensure it becomes a valuable business tool.
  • The possibilities of using bots to automate processes.
  • The use of data intelligence to help reduce negative factors, such as content sprawl, and drive positive engagement and adoption.



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