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User Adoption - a new way of measuring IT project success

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User Adoption - a new way of measuring IT project success

Written by Modality Newsroom on 21, June 2016

When embarking on a journey to Advanced Communication & Collaborations through Skype for Business, many organisations fail to realise they are taking on far more than a technology project. Changing and streamlining the way people use technology to do their work and interact effectively with colleagues takes time, leadership and ongoing commitment.

Louise_Profile-ImageAs more organisations begin to recognise the connection between technology, business transformation and cultural change, the measurement of success for technology investments needs to change, and projects should be categorised as business change projects not IT projects. The success of one is measured on the technical deployment, the other in terms of the measurable difference it makes to the business results, which has a massive dependency on the adoption of the changes. And while technology can facilitate the increase in enterprise revenue and growth, change is hard! Successfully realising the potential of the enabling technology is dependent on the adoption by its users.


Getting users to change their current habits can be challenging.

verticle_line.png Nearly 70% of IT projects are reported as failing. The IT project fails to deliver the promised value or benefits, which suggests enterprises are wasting a staggering amount of time and resources to achieve nothing.

Addressing the need for a strategic, proven approach to End User Adoption is an intrinsic part of any business change project. User adoption is the catalyst for realising the return on your business investment.

Skype for Business as a technology has the ability to transform the way users communicate and collaborate and reap significant business results.  This ability, however can only become a realisation if users willingly change the way they work.  And users will change the way they work especially if they are aware of the benefits they will receive, this is where a change project can bring end users on a journey to adopt to a new way of working.

Modality Systems success framework is designed around proven and effective methodologies. We offer a full spectrum of adoption services; from full-scale programs to a la carte services. Each programme can be tailored to your individual business needs and designed to realise both rapid and sustained adoption of Skype for Business. Whether you are conducting a proof-of-concept, deploying Skype for Business company-wide, are post-deployment but not seeing anticipated results or simply want to maintain user momentum, we can design a program to meet your needs.  



Our recent webinar explored the best practice adoption strategies for maximising the utilisation of the enabling technology, driving change and realising business success. Watch it on-demand now



Louise Mahrra | Global Marketing Manager

Modality Systems

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