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The Workstream Collaboration will be Live-Streamed from the Cloud

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The Workstream Collaboration will be Live-Streamed from the Cloud

Written by Modality Newsroom on 10, January 2017

 Thanks to the fast-growing internet network, communications are more intense than ever before. From the moment we wake, through our commute and a whole succession of work contexts, we rarely cease interacting with people, media, and digital resources. As a result, our work culture is changing at break-neck speed and fuelling a revolution in collaboration.

Described as ‘Workstream Collaboration’ by thought leaders, this changing work style is effectively a user-centric form of Unified Communications (UC). A thrilling combination of key UC elements and Cloud, Workstream Collaboration empowers companies to rapidly give employees the tools they need to take collaboration to a new level.

“The three most vital objectives for collaboration technology are to improve personal productivity, boost sales, and accelerate decision making.” Workstream Collaboration promises faster reactions, increased efficiency and greater competitiveness.

So what’s enabling UC to deliver Workstream Collaboration? The short answer is “the Cloud”. In our latest white paper “The Future of Cloud Communications in Australia”, we explore how the Cloud is reducing the cost, implementation and service challenges that hinder the creation of UC, and how it enables companies to rapidly give employees the tools they need to take collaboration to a new level, and change the way they work.

Communication and collaboration technologies ought to help employees connect with each other and work more productively, but the technologies marketed as “unified communications” traditionally haven’t been as unified, integrated, and flexible as they ought to be. Tools that are awkward to work with can get in the way of productivity rather than enhancing it. In the era of advanced collaboration, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides the same tools as an on-premises counterpart, the difference is that UCaaS is provided in a Cloud services delivery model.

What’s more, over the next 3 to 5 years, large companies will be able to purchase UCaaS bundled to facilitate specific types of Workstream Collaboration. In our white paper, we will take a practical look at how UC tools be packaged in the future and how will they be purchased. One thing is for sure, UCaaS providers will make it easy for companies to connect Cloud-based services with on-premises platforms across multiple sites.

Download The Future of Cloud Communications in Australia white paper to learn:Cover screen shot.jpg

  • What is driving the UC into the Cloud
  • How the Cloud enables Workstream Collaboration
  • The difference between UC and UC as a Service (UCaaS)
  • UC and UCaaS in 3-5 years
  • The state of the cloud
  • Making a business case for UCaaS
  • The UCaaS landscape
  • Attributes of smart UCaaS providers

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