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The importance of agile working in software development

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The importance of agile working in software development

Written by Modality Newsroom on 6, August 2019


Modality Systems is proud to be sponsoring the 2019 DevelopHer Awards, recognising women working in the technology sector in East Anglia. Agile methodology is a fundamental part of the way our development team in Norwich work. Software Engineer Rob Taylor explains its importance and how his team implements it across the development of new solutions.


Rob-Taylor_circle-2I am delighted that Modality Systems is sponsoring the DevelopHer Agile Angel award for a second consecutive year. We believe it’s important to recognise individuals driving agile within the technology industry.

Our organisation is closely aligned to Microsoft and its strategy, which changes on almost a daily basis due to the flexibility of the cloud and popularity of Office 365. To help us keep up with the latest technology trends, an agile approach within our department is a necessity. It allows us to take risks, stay ahead of our competitors and to react to change. Our agile strategy ensures we consistently release high quality products and deliver value to our customers.


Shaping the future of technology with Scrum

Currently, my team is following a Scrum process. This involves working in sprints (a predetermined timeframe with a set of tasks) with the aim to release a working version of our products at the end of a two-week cycle. Working in short bursts allows us to keep up with ever-changing requirements and more importantly, to pinpoint any hiccups quickly via customer feedback and react accordingly.

We have used a variety of agile processes in my time at Modality Systems - from Scrum to Kanban- and what has made them successful is treating the processes in an agile way too. This means listening to your team and changing parts of the process until they fit with the end goal.

Agile methodology - SCRUM

The only way agile can really start to shine in your organisation is through highly communicative individuals, who understand its value and are committed to making improvements.


What makes an Agile Angel?

When we judge the Agile Angel category for the 2019 DevelopHer awards, we will be looking for a strong communicator who empowers her team to deliver the best results possible. She should also ensure that projects start and finish within a predetermined timeframe and have a laser focus on delivery - ensuring that customer needs remain the top priority.

We look forward to meeting this year's finalists. Get nominating and best of luck!


Rob Taylor

Software Engineer | Modality Systems

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Do you work in an organisation based in East Anglia? Champion your agile angel by nominating her for the annual DevelopHer awards today. The deadline for entries is September 3rd 2019.



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