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Streamline Office 365 video conferencing with OneMeeting

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Streamline Office 365 video conferencing with OneMeeting

Written by Modality Newsroom on 23, October 2018


Following on from his recent blog on how CustomInvite can help your business achieve its Office 365 ambitions, Product Manager Tom Scott addresses a common video conferencing issue facing global organisations today, and the user-friendly solution we have developed to overcome it.

Tom Scott, Product Manager, Modality Systems


Video conferencing has become an integral part of how global businesses communicate, with 9 in 10 remote employees saying that video helps them feel more connected to their colleagues (IMCCA). According to Aragon Research, 50% of conference rooms will be video-enabled by 2020 - not surprising considering the plethora of benefits it has to offer. These include reduced travel expenses, enhanced collaboration and improved communication both internally and with external partners and suppliers.


“…many organizations still struggle with how best to roll out and support video conferencing, and often find high-definition room systems and software clients going unused or not providing measurable business value.”– No Jitter

To ensure successful adoption of any video conferencing solution, it needs to be simple to use. The technology should be invisible to users, ensuring that their focus is on the meeting rather than on how to join it. Once video conferencing becomes second nature to people, they will realise the full benefits of collaboration, enabling a truly modern workplace. 




OneMeeting to rule them all

OneMeeting from Modality Systems delivers a simple, easy-to-use online meeting experience that enables users to join Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meetings from any video conferencing room or web browser. The original approach to scheduling and joining a meeting remains the same, with all external connections routed into the meeting via OneMeeting.

If your business is already using Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams, OneMeeting can extend this deployment to deliver a comprehensive, self-service video conferencing experience.


The advantages of video conferencing with OneMeeting: 

  1. Users can join Skype for Business or Teams meetings via any video-based room system including Polycom, Cisco, Tanberg, LifeSize and many more.
  2. Users can join from any web browser on any device, without the need for plugins.
  3. There is no additional training required and no need to book a specific meeting room system.
  4. Meetings created on both PC and MAC are supported so regardless of how you want to work, we can help!


“Unlike other video integration services, OneMeeting directs all video traffic into your communications environment without the need for external services.”


By extending the traditional functionalities to include legacy video conferencing technology, and removing the need for a web browser plugin, OneMeeting allows you to realise and extend the full potential of video conferencing via your existing Skype for Business and Teams deployment.


The benefits of using CustomInvite and OneMeeting in Microsoft Teams

Look out for my final blog about how CustomInvite and OneMeeting can help you transition users to Microsoft Teams and get the most out of the leading collaboration platform.

If you have any questions about either of these solutions, please get in touch in the comments below or drop me line on one of my social channels.


Tom Scott | Product Manager

Modality Systems

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