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How Modality Systems value proposition parallels with the new Skype Operations Framework

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How Modality Systems value proposition parallels with the new Skype Operations Framework

Written by Modality Newsroom on 12, July 2016

Microsoft’s announcement today of the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is a significant leap forward in bringing focus towards user experience and service delivery. At Modality Systems, we see SOF as an exciting innovation from Microsoft, providing a common vocabulary and approach to planning, deploying and operating Skype for Business environments, helping organizations deliver a consistent and high-quality experience for end users. 

As a partner who believes in Skype for Business as a business transformation enabler, we see the launch of SOF as a positive step forward in ensuring a more standards based approach to unlocking the business value for users. For us it dovetails nicely into our core value proposition pillars of Usage, Health and Future designed to ensure our customers optimize the value of their investment now and in the future. As a Microsoft Gold partner our job is to make it easy for our customers to use the technology and experience the best value from it.

SOF provides a solid foundation upon which value-added managed services and applications for the Skype for Business ecosystem can be built and delivered.  We see the potential for an increase in total addressable market for partners, market acceleration and CEBP opportunities as a result of the quality, availability and experience SOF is likely to drive.

This latest development from Microsoft will encourage a consistent best practice approach to the deployment and utilization of Skype for Business, fast-tracking the realization of value for the organization. Moreover, SOF provides a clear roadmap for IT to ensure an exceptional user experience.

So what does SOF actually mean for the enterprise and partner community? SOF provides a strong and consistent foundation for lifecycle management of the Skype for Business platform, providing real assets and a best in class methodology to take you through service planning, delivery and operations, ensuring the user experience is paramount to the delivery and successful implementation.

SOF offers three major benefits in the form of enablement predictability, workflow acceleration and user satisfaction, which until now have been left to the strengths of the partner to deliver. Looking deeper into the framework we see a clear definition of what a partner or IT team should be doing at each step in the process; removing guess work and increasing accountability. With a clear enablement plan, customers can accelerate transformation at scale, and thus reach intended ROI as planned. There is also a great deal of emphasis in SOF towards user experience, reinforcing the importance of user adoption. Modality Systems is one of only a few Microsoft partners globally to specialize in the user consumption and experience aspects in its Usage and Health pillars. 

In the ever changing landscape of businesses seeking to capitalize on the growing global momentum of cloud technology, it becomes critical for organizations to evaluate partners on their credentials in this area to ensure they are not just applying copycat language to their websites and collateral in a claim to be a capable partner. Learning by doing has been the riskiest proposition in business transformation, but has lead the way in maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with expert level partners who have success in lifecycle management of the Skype platform.


 Justin Stevens
Vice President, Business Development 
Modality Systems


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