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Modality Systems wins Award for Exceptional Innovation in Unified Communications

September 19, 2016

We are delighted that Modality Systems has won a 2016 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award for CustomInvite, our software plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables customers to personalise Skype for Business meeting invitations.

In case you’re not familiar with them, TMC Labs Innovation Awards are selected by the distinguished engineers at TMC Labs to celebrate products that have demonstrated innovation, unique features and noteworthy developments toward improving communications technology.

According to TMC Labs, “One of the main benefits of Unified Communications is the ability to boost productivity and better integration of Skype for Business with other office tools. That makes CustomInvite a natural choice to receive this award.”

We agree. Making virtual meetings easier may seem like a small efficiency, but for anyone who frequently spends the first five minutes of a meeting figuring out how to join it rather than getting things done, the appeal is strong. 

Of course, CustomInvite is designed to make virtual meetings easy, but features such as personalised invitations – with tailored language and number preferences – combined with one-click mobile access, make it particularly valuable for dispersed teams. If, by making virtual meetings easier we can make running a business easier, then we’ve done our job.

Thank you TMC Labs for recognising our work.

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