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Why Modality Systems are proud to be named as a launch partner for Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework

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Why Modality Systems are proud to be named as a launch partner for Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework

Written by Modality Newsroom on 27, September 2016

This week at the Microsoft Ignite Conference in Atlanta, several new Skype for Business innovations were announced that enhance the Office 365 collaboration experience and empower IT professionals to deliver modern communications to their end users.

Among those, the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) that focusses on core components for the successful realisation of Skype for Business. Combining of the best practices with a structured framework and accompanying toolset, SOF is designed to help eliminate risk and support organisations while realising the value of cloud communications quicker, providing a foundation for transformation.

At Modality Systems, we see SOF as an exciting innovation from Microsoft, and are proud to be named as a launch partner. Providing a common vocabulary and approach to planning, deploying and operating Skype for Business environments, SOF helps organizations deliver a consistent and high-quality experience for end users.

We are honoured to have been involved from the very early stages of defining the SOF with Microsoft; and for us, it dovetails nicely into our core value proposition pillars of Usage, Health and Future designed to ensure our customers optimize the value of their investment now and in the future.

Aligned to the SOF, we have recently launched our Cloud First Strategy – a suite of managed services packages designed to appeal to organizations at different stages of their journey to cloud. The packages combine design, deployment, adoption, management and run services, utilizing the SOF principles to ensure clients optimize the technology for maximum benefit.

  • UC 365 - Network Assessment: A comprehensive end-to-end network assessment specifically designed for those preparing to utilize Skype for Business or Office 365 deployment, to establish a baseline of network performance to handle your communications workloads. Modality Systems unique methodology, available in three service levels, builds on SOF, taking into account the nature of network dependencies for a complete end-to-end view.
  • Cloud Explorer: For those organizations just embarking on a journey to cloud and Office 365, Modality Systems has developed the Cloud Explorer service to assist in starting their cloud transformation.  Modality System’s team of experts will manage all aspects of planning and discovery with their proven design framework, including design, readiness assessments, cloud PBX pilot, user adoption and Modality Systems own communications enabled business process (CEBP) software applications.
  • Cloud Accelerator: Designed for those who have already started their UC journey but want to accelerate the adoption of the latest cloud services, Modality Systems Cloud Accelerator package combines design, planning, deployment and management services, with user adoption and device support to provide an all-inclusive service to help you optimize Microsoft Office 365 cloud services within your organization.

Here's what Microsoft had to say:

Srini Raghavan, GM – Skype Customer Lifecycle Service says: “Skype for Business cloud, voice and meeting capabilities in Office 365 transform the way businesses communicate, providing a complete, cost-effective, enterprise-grade communications solution at global scale. We created Skype Operations Framework to provide customers and partners with world-class guidance and toolsets that ensure operational excellence when implementing and managing Skype for Business in the cloud.”

“Skype Operations Framework partners will play a critical role in helping customers plan, deliver and operate Skype for Business successfully, and Modality Systems is one of the first Microsoft partners to adopt the framework and offer Skype Operations Framework aligned services to its customers.” Concludes Raghavan.

John Lamb
Co-founder and President, Modality Systems

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