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Modality Systems Diagnostics - network performance analysis tooling

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Modality Systems Diagnostics - network performance analysis tooling

Written by Modality Newsroom on 10, January 2017

In this demonstration, Tom Morgan, Modality Systems Senior Software Engineer, introduces the features and functionality of Modality Systems Diagnostics service, and explains the benefits of utilising in-depth data & analytics to understand the performance of the Skype for Business network.

Modality Systems Diagnostics service gives organisations the tools they need to identify early on any issues with the network, and put in place user-adoption training to ensure that not only the users are benefiting from the Skype for Business features, but that the business is achieving a return on their investment.

By utilising PowerBI, Modality Systems Diagnostics service presents user-friendly dashboards based on real-time data trends & analysis that provides a cohesive view across the network and users' behaviour.

Testing network performance is a key part of Microsoft's Skype Operations Framework and our nodes give us a unique ability to quickly and easily test real Skype calls.

Modality Systems Diagnostics service is now available for your business’ communications and collaboration environment. Get the intelligence you need to maximise your investment and drive utilisation of your Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams service.



Tom Morgan
Product Innovation Architect | Modality Systems 


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