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Microsoft Communications Partner of the Year 2016

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Microsoft Communications Partner of the Year 2016

Written by Modality Newsroom on 8, June 2016

Partner_-_winner_image.jpgIt’s not every day that you get the news you have won a major achievement among a global field of top Microsoft partners. We were absolutely delighted when the announcement was made that Modality Systems had been awarded Microsoft Communications Partner of the Year 2016.

The annual Microsoft partner awards attract huge competition among the global partner network. This year saw more than 2,500 entrants across 119 countries.

The Communications Partner of the Year award recognises a Microsoft partner as having proven expertise in Microsoft communications solutions for Skype for Business and Office 365. For Modality Systems, this award singles us out for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer-centric solutions based on Microsoft technology.  

For the award entry, we wanted to showcase an example of our unique proposition, which goes beyond just selling a software solution to provide a fully immersive customer-centric approach of design, implementation and deployment of Skype for Business. Our proposition is based on our ability to offer a complete end-to-end service wrap for business Communication & Collaboration, built around our three core value pillars – Usage, Health and Future.

To demonstrate how we have added value to a customer, our case study was based on a leading global provider of next-generation networking solutions. The customer, with over 1700 employees worldwide and offices across the Americas, EMEA and APAC, had outgrown their current Avaya telephony system and were investigating options of adopting wireless communications.

As is true for any business, making the jump from a legacy wired telephony system takes a huge leap of faith; and you absolutely must choose a service provider whom you can trust to be with you for the lifecycle of your project.

Fortunately, Modality Systems is the largest dedicated Skype for Business practice in the world, as well as a enjoying a very close working partnership with Microsoft, enabling even the most complex and diverse businesses to cut the wired telephony cord with confidence.

Our team of experts designed, architected and deployed a global plan for transitioning all users to an “all wireless” workplace. In only 3 months, the customers Wi-Fi and Skype for Business infrastructure project was running in the US headquarters and nearby locations. This early success at home drove confidence for the worldwide implementation.

The Modality solution was a standout offering for our customer, which not only saw significant cost-savings on third-party conferencing services, capital and operating expenses, but also focused on providing a first-class seamless experience for the vast number of remote workers who relied on cloud-based technology to be connected to every aspect of their lives, on any device at any location.

For Modality Systems, this award is testament to the continuing dedication of our outstanding team, and their never-ending passion to revolutionise the changing landscape of communications & collaborations for the modern workplace.  

Microsoft_Communications_Partner_of_the_Year_2016.pngThis award further strengthens our position as one of the largest dedicated Microsoft Skype for Business practices in the world, supporting customers through every stage of their journey to advanced collaboration, underpinned by a highly qualified and well respected team of experts with a wealth of experience.

Louise Mahrra
Marketing Manager, UK

Topics: Industry

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