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Master user adoption of Microsoft Teams

Written by Modality Newsroom on 10, October 2019

An Introduction to the Teamwork Analytics Teams Usage Module 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool for project-based working and businesses with dispersed workforces; however, many organisations are facing a key challenge – monitoring usage and tailoring adoption programmes for workers with different communications needs, whilst trying to maximise value from their Microsoft investment. 

In this vlog series, Principal Solutions Architect Tom Arbuthnot introduces our solution – software-driven analytics toolTeamwork Analytics. 

Teamwork Analytics comprises a suite of modules tailored to different Microsoft 365 reporting needs. In the first episode of the series, Tom shares a preview of the Teams Usage Module, designed for service owners and change managers. 


Is your organisation collaborating effectively? 

Using the Teamwork Analytics Teams Usage Module, you can now drill deeper into your reports to  uncover insights including: 

  • Top teams 
  • Top channels 
  • Top message users 
  • Interactions (including file sharing, threads and replies) 
  • Month-on-month usage trends 

With filters to segment usage by location and department, Teamwork Analytics enables you to pinpoint how Teams is being used and which users may need further support. 

Watch the short video below to learn more about the Teams Usage Module, and how it will help your organisation deliver superior user adoption initiatives.



Try the Usage Module today with sample data. If would like to use your own data, please get in touch.  

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