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Collaboration on the golf course for Macmillan Cancer Support

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Collaboration on the golf course for Macmillan Cancer Support

Written by Modality Newsroom on 5, July 2016

Macmillan_golf_day_logo.pngOn Monday 20th June, Modality Systems and Plantronics took collaboration to a new level and joined forces on the golf course to raise money and compete in Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Longest Day Golf Challenge’.

The team of four: Iain Smith, Richard Amery and Adrian Sturdy from Modality Systems were joined by Andrew Jolly from Plantronics, to play 72 holes of golf in one day. Now, for the non-golfers among you this might sound trivial and like a nice day out of the office. However, it was soon realised with the 5am start time that the day was going to be very long indeed!

 Special thanks to SandburnGC near Yorks  for allowing us the use of their course for the day.

Action_shot.pngRound One

The day got off to a good start for 3 of the 4 (Richard had slept in). Conversation was flowing and the golf was good quality. The team finished the first round with a respectable score in 3 ½ hrs.

Round Two

As time was pressing on they decided not to stop for a break and headed back to the 1st tee to start round two. At this point the Northern skies had turned a dangerously dark colour of grey and within 10 minutes of starting round two, the heavens opened for the remainder of the round.

Round Three

After a 45 minutes’ rest and lunch, including general foot repairs (plasters on blisters which had started to show) we set out with the sun shining once more and our energy restored. The round completed with no issues to report apart from fatigue and ever more blisters! This round proved slower, taking 4 hours to complete.

Round four

The excitement of taking part was beginning to fade, as with approximately 12 hours of walking, playing and carrying their golf bags, the 5am start was starting to take its toll, and the atmosphere had gone from excitement to a sense of “let’s just get it done”.

With a mixture of ailments from the team, which left one player completing the remaining two hours in bare feet, and our resident 10k champ wishing he hadn’t participated in a run the very day before, the troops rallied their spirits admirably and soldiered on with the round.

the_team.pngBy 8pm it was all over, and the team very proudly put down their clubs and relieved their aching shoulders of their bags. With a well-earned drink they were able to reflect on the day, and say with great pride that they had contributed £775 to Macmillan Cancer Support through their fundraising efforts.


In total, the team walked about 20 miles each with a full golf bag on their shoulder. Very well done to you all for your efforts and for the fantastic achievement of contributing to the efforts of Macmillan Cancer Support.

You can still donate to the team's Just Giving page, and help support Macmillan Cancer Support. 


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