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Is your office optimised for the millennial generation?

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Is your office optimised for the millennial generation?

Written by Modality Newsroom on 8, November 2016

Millennials are altering the very social fabric of the world today, and will continue to disrupt the office of tomorrow. By the year 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce.

Internet_of_things.pngThe way millennials communicate today is radically affecting the workplace, and businesses need to sit up and take notice of this if they want to attract and retain this growing demographic. Millennials are first generation digital natives - they feel at home with technology, it is their way of life, they are accustomed to constant communication and real time interactions.

The mind-set of the Millennial worker is creating a paradigm shift in today’s notion of a modern workplace.  The widespread adoption of cloud services, such as Office 365 is enhancing the future-thinking, open working practices of today’s millennial generation.

With the cloud based tools and mobile apps available today, everything is only a simple click away, meaning we no longer need to be sat at our desk for a prescribed period of hours/days.

Collaboration enabling technology has given way to a generation of workers who are able to perform smarter, faster and more productively – transforming their use of knowledge and turning it into actionable outputs.

Microsoft recently commissioned a survey1, the results of which capture the essence of this transformative generations thinking:

  • Almost all the millennial workers surveyed - 93% - said that working for a company with updated technology, services and solutions was important to them
  • When it comes to which factors contribute to their ideal workplace culture, people chose “good team collaboration” more often than any other

55% of millennials say that flexible working is very important to them.2  Today’s business leaders must recognise that their employees can have a better quality of life and in turn be much more productive if they are offered flexible working options and do not have to be office based 100% of the time.

For today’s millennial generation, who are all too familiar with the concept of 24/7/365, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams enhances their working experiences and becomes an extension of the communications thread that permeates their lives.  

The widespread accessibility of technology and connectivity is allowing for today’s workforce to work anywhere at any time.  Technology has revolutionised the way millennials connect and interact with one another and with the rest of the world.  To the millennial generation, the world is always on. Communication doesn’t stop at 5pm. We no longer exist in a 9am to 5pm world.

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams allow today’s millennial generation to work collaboratively across borders and time zones. There is no longer the need to commute on a daily basis to an office and sit for vast periods of the day in the same place. Meetings can happen from almost anywhere in an instant. 

In a world where we are always connected, collaboration with others can happen on the move, from remote locations, across continents, anytime, anywhere.



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