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Is the user experience negatively effecting collaboration in your organisation?

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Is the user experience negatively effecting collaboration in your organisation?

Written by Modality Newsroom on 14, June 2016

With a plethora of communications software, applications, devices and services available to businesses today, it is common for many organisations to have a mix of products and services on offer to users, built up over several years of investment. You would think having such choice would mean that facilitating effective communications and collaborative interactions across and beyond your business should be easy, right?

Ian Guest - Head of Global Marketing, Modality SystemsUnfortunately, in an increasingly mobile world, where more than 1 in 3 communications involves more than 2 people, invariably at least one being from outside your organisation, this utopia of effective communications is not always realised.  

It is not uncommon for users to loose valuable time from their working day trying to join calls or
conferences from mobile devices or different applications and services. The outcome being lost time for everyone involved including others on the call, disruption to the flow and productivity of the conference, frustration, general negativity and adding unwanted fuel on the shadow IT fire.

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It is estimated that each knowledge worker can lose over 10 hours a year in poor joining experiences alone, which can amount to a significant sum across the business.



CustomInvite_icon.jpgHelp is at hand! CustomInvite from Modality Systems is a software add-on tool that enables you to customise meeting invites sent from Exchange/Outlook to strip unnecessary data and present relevant information in a very intuitive and user friendly manner, including third party conferencing services. The result being an improved user experience with single click joining capabilities for non-Skype for Business and mobile users; eliminating lost time, frustration and supporting a more conducive user experience to facilitate better collaboration.


As an additional bonus, the customisation tool can also be modified with your own branding and messaging, as well as supporting different languages.

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Ian Guest | Head of Global Marketing

Modality Systems

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