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How to customise your Microsoft Teams notifications

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How to customise your Microsoft Teams notifications

Written by Modality Newsroom on 5, September 2018

Project Manager and self-professed ‘Teams Queen’ Lyndsay Ansell shares top tips for getting started with Microsoft Teams. In her latest blog, find out how to get the most out of the collaboration platform by using the notification customisation options available.


Lyndsay_profile-pic_circleI'm a create-your-own pizza orderer; I like life to be pretty customisable. A blanket approach 
is ok, but there's something about refinement that enhances the overall experience.

I remember having just one noise for all of my incoming messages on my mobile phone (how did I live?!). Now I'm aware, simply through different audible cues, whether I have a calendar reminder, a WhatsApp message, an overdue meditation session, a tweet, an email, or if ASOS have a flash sale. Those are just the notifications I want to have, never mind the joy of turning off some notifications altogether (Facebook posts from my cousin's father-in-law's fourth grandchild? No thank you.). I have honed down my notifications like I've honed my pizza order - to get exactly what I want. 

Microsoft Teams gives me lots of notification customisation options too. There are a wealth of goings-on to be notified about within Teams; mentions, chats and likes are the tip of the pizza-slice, and it would be so easy to succumb to notification overload. Just like I don't want to be picking pineapple off my pizza, I don't want to be picking my way through every single notification. If this sounds like a problem you have - try clicking on your picture at the top of Teams and choose 'settings'. Here you can set notification preferences to a pretty granular level. The options are:


1. Banner

Others familiar with UC software might call this a 'toast' - a little box that appears at the
bottom corner of your screen with the notification inside it. It's only temporary - but handily for chat messages there's an option to respond directly from there so you don't have to switch windows away from what you're doing.

Customising Teams-banner notification


2. Banner and Email

So you'll get a banner notification, but what if you miss it? This setting will send an email to you about the same notification after a period of time (and you can customise the period of time too!).Microsoft Teams - notification banner and email alert 


3. Only show in feed

This means you'll see the notification in your activity feed, but no pop-up banner or email.


4. Off

No notification at all! Sometimes this can be powerful - I need reminding sometimes that switching 'off' is totally ok.


Now that I've set my preferences, I'm only being alerted about specific things in the way that I want to be. It's great to get exactly what you want. 

If you are new to Microsoft Teams, check out this quick video on the different notification symbols in Teams and what they mean.


Lyndsay Ansell 

Project Manager | Modality Systems

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