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Enhance the Productivity of your Skype for Business Meetings

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Enhance the Productivity of your Skype for Business Meetings

Written by Modality Newsroom on 13, October 2016

If you use Skype for Business, you’ll already know that the invite feature is an efficient way to get important discussions moving quickly. But, could it be even better? Absolutely, and that’s why we’ve built on these foundations and introduced CustomInvite - a powerful tool to improve your business communications before the meeting even starts.

With CustomInvite you can greatly enhance the user experience of joining meetings and, in turn, save time and potentially costs too. Here’s what it has to offer:

Customise your invite content...

CustomInvite allows you to modify your Skype for Business meeting invitation, so that it’s tailored to incorporate your branding, web links as well as any custom text you would like to add to represent your company’s identity. CustomInvite includes features that increase the ease of access. For instance, highlighting key details you need to join a Skype For Business call such as the conference ID code.

Add your own branding

You can add branding for your business to CustomInvite templates as standard. Choose whether to apply one set of branding as the default for all messages, or whether to vary the branding depending on the template and which group of people it’s going to. You also have the option of varying the branding depending on whether the invitation is external or internal.


Make it super-clear for a quick response

How many times have you scanned a meeting invitation just searching for the information you need to attend? CustomInvite allows you to make the logistical details such as joining codes more prominent. You can also remove any unnecessary information, so the whole thing is clearer to read and easier to respond to.

Simplify the choice of numbers

Skype for Business offers a choice of numbers, which isn’t always helpful. CustomInvite allows an administrator to choose the preferred service (toll-based or toll-free) before the invitation is sent.

Switch easily between languages

If your business is international, you don’t necessarily want English to be the default language for all your interactions. CustomInvite supports different language templates to cater for multi-regional participants.


Allow other users to update templates

Any CustomInvite user with local administrator privileges can access and update meeting templates. This might prove useful if you want an employee to take over the job of initiating meetings in their department, saving you valuable time.

Make it easy for mobile users

The ’one click’ joining allows participants using a mobile device to dial in just by clicking a button, without using the full dial-in details. A real time saver for any organisation with mobile workers, field based teams or travelling executives!

CustomInvite not only simplifies the process to make it easier for users, it also provides an opportunity to subtly promote your brand and guide user behavior. This means getting off to a great start with meetings even before the first person has dialed in.

We think it’s well worth a try, so why not click here to see the full list of features and benefits CustomInvite has to offer.


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