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Diagnostics service part 2 - what makes it different and how it can add value to your business

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Diagnostics service part 2 - what makes it different and how it can add value to your business

Written by Modality Newsroom on 15, March 2018

Modality Systems Diagnostics service measures the quality and usage of conferencing and voice, providing the intelligence you need to maximise your investment and utilisation of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

In the second instalment of our four-part introductory series, CTO Nick Seagrave talks about how it can add value to your business and the key components that make it different, including:

  •  Call testing with a static virtual user – to overcome variables such as employees using their own 3G to make a call, or moving to a site with poor Wifi.
  •  An added service layer from our analysts - offering 10 years of experience and knowledge to interpret user data.

 “What we do with our analysts is that we actually look at that data and then we report back to the customer.

"Trying to piece those [bits of information] together through a tool, just on its own, is a very difficult task.” - Nick Seagrave, CTO, Modality Systems

Watch the video below to learn more.




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Continue to part 3 - everything you need to know about reporting back into the business (and why that's so important).


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