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Diagnostics - Our stance on real-time alerting

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Diagnostics - Our stance on real-time alerting

Written by Modality Newsroom on 9, August 2018

When a new communications environment has been deployed, the first thing many IT teams request is real-time alerting. Principal Solution Architect Tom Arbuthnot explains why this is generally not a productive use of people’s time, and why it usually culminates in a large number of spurious reports that can’t be dealt with.


“We try to just alert on what matters, and that’s the Virtual Static Users continuously testing.” – Tom Arbuthnot


Learn about our stance on real-time alerting in the video below. 


Diagnostics from Modality Systems is the purpose-built answer to continuous Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams service improvement – proactively measuring the real time performance of your communications and collaboration environment.

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