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CustomInvite from Modality Systems – your questions answered

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CustomInvite from Modality Systems – your questions answered

Written by Modality Newsroom on 7, September 2016

Being on the front line of software development for a global specialist Skype for Business organisation, I am fortunate to be able to combine my love of being a techie geek, with a pivotal role in helping our customers extend the value of their investment into communications & collaboration technology.

CustomInvite_PR_image_small.pngSince launching our latest software add-on, CustomInvite, I have been inundated with questions about what is possible with this exciting new feature, as well as general support and integration questions.

In this blog, I will share with you the answers to some of the technical related frequently asked questions we receive.

Do you support Skype for Business, Lync or O365?

CustomInvite will detect which version of Skype for Business / Lync you are using and adjust performance accordingly. There is no requirement for any user configuration as all configuration aspects can be managed centrally via the administrator. We use these settings to manage a few aspects of how the tool will interact with the standard Skype Invitation.

ContactNameRegex / ContactNumberRegex– the value of these settings will enable us to detect location, region names and numbers. The reason these settings change is if the “” or other special characters are used as a delimiter in the format of your invites.

MeetingLinkStart – this value is used to detect the hyperlink for the meeting – we use this setting to verify that we have the correct meeting information.

CustomInvite will detect if Lync / Skype for Business on premise or Office 365 service is being used and adjust automatically – no user intervention or setting change is required.

Can I use CustomInvite with Polycom, Pexip, Acano or other third-party service?

Customers are starting to invest in integrated Skype for Business services such as Polycom RealConnect, Pexip or Acano video bridges. In addition, customers have also invested in third-party audio services that they wish to have present in the invite. CustomInvite allows customers to capture the relevant information from Skype for Business / Lync and then re-present this information as required for the third-party Service…

For example:

Here we have detected the conference ID of the meeting and inserted this into a single string for WEBRTC join via Pexip, Acano or Polycom services. In addition, we can provide single click audio links for third-party audio services such as:



Mobile friendly*

St Albans:

+44 (0)20 3300 1373

Tel:+44 (0)20 3300 1373,,,8669128#


+1 (425) 905-7115

Tel:+1 (425) 905-7115,,,8669128#


+61 2 8999 9113

Tel:+61 2 8999 9113,,,8669128#


CustomInvite will support InterCall Clarity (integrated on premise), Polycom RealConnect, Pexip and Acano services. In addition, we have included third-party audio services from InterCall, PGi, BT and PowWowNow.

What audio integration services do you support?

Many customers are using third-party audio services for conferencing but they are planning a migration to Skype for Business native services or O365 Audio Services. CustomInvite  supports all suppliers of integrated audio conferencing for Skype for Business, this includes InterCall Clarity, PGi, BT and Microsoft native audio services.

What can I modify in the invite?

CustomInvite_screen_grab.pngOne of the advantages of CustomInvite is the ability to personalise the look and feel of the invite to meet your organisational needs. Modality Systems have built a wide variety of designs that include custom number layouts, single click links and additional services such as video or support services. We have had some interesting requests for template changes, but the key theme of keeping it simple and aligning with company brand is working well.

How do I approach the rollout?

CustomInvite is an easily managed tool for administrators. All configuration is managed via Group Policy and the tool can be packaged up via SCCM or rolled out directly using GPO / Script. Any updates that we release will detect previously installed versions and detect previous configuration settings. In place updates are supported and in many instances, Outlook does not require a restart (although it is recommended).

Download the Custominvite  FAQ document

Leigh Smith
Solutions Director | Modality Systems


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