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CustomInvite – growing through customer feedback

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CustomInvite – growing through customer feedback

Written by Modality Newsroom on 7, February 2017

Over the last year, we have been working closely with customers at various stages of their Skype for Business journey. It has been fascinating to see how CustomInvite has grown based on direct customer feedback. So…how have we developed CustomInvite over the past year?

West Unified Communications / InterCall ECC / Clarity support

One of the first requests we had from a range of customers was the ability to support InterCall ECC integration on premise – the below pictures show a before and after example of this:

CustomInvite blog #1-1.png

Customers explained that having control over the presentation of the numbers, the appearance of the invite and the ability to provide mobile friendly links was helping their users adopt the service.

We have also created templates for customers that provide different orders of numbers depending on the localisation of the machine – for example, if your machine was running with the French language, it would provide the French access number first.

Video Integration

Many enterprise customers have invested in room based and desktop based video conferencing facilities. These provide an immersive video experience that can very often replace travel as a requirement for a meeting. It also greatly speeds up the decision making process during product and business development discussions. The challenge for many customers has been the need for users to make a decision – is my meeting a Skype for Business OR a Video conference session?

To solve this problem, facilities and IT departments have made investment in powerful video bridge technology to connect the Skype for Business and video conference worlds together.

At Modality Systems, we provide the final piece of this puzzle in the form of integrated video conference links in the invite – see below before and after examples:

CustomInvite blog #3.png

Bringing it all together – InterCall ECC and Video Integration

Now we have customers using audio conference integration and video integration in their Skype for Business environment – now every meeting can be a Skype meeting and every meeting has a global audio bridge with traditional video integration, delivering a fantastic meeting experience.

Training users and customers how to consume this feature-rich service is much more challenging if the invite does not clearly explain the services available – see below before and after examples:

CustomInvite blog #4.png


In the examples above, I have shown you some actual customer invites and how CustomInvite has helped the customer achieve their adoption and usage goals. We have sold hundreds of thousands of seats to customers large and small – probably the most interesting thing we see is how different the invites can be from case to case. Some customers want brand and ownership of the invite, others what to simplify the meeting scheduling experience, some just want the ability to simply switch between active languages in the invite – these requests, the business challenges they address and the positive feedback we get are helping us drive CustomInvite.


Here I have mentioned about InterCall ECC and video integration but we also support a very wide range of usage and consumption scenarios:

  • Native Skype for Business \ Lync – on premise, O365 or hybrid – with or without PSTN Conferencing
  • Native ACP (Audio Conference Partner) integration in O365 (PGi, InterCall)
  • InterCall ECC \ West Unified Communications on premise audio integration
  • Pexip Video bridge integration
  • Polycom video bridge integration (RealConnect)
  • Acano / Cisco Meeting Server Integration
  • Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 support with Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Delegates fully supported
  • Language auto selection / manual selection available

Try it for yourself

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Leigh Smith
Solutions Director


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