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5 ways CustomInvite can help your business communicate efficiently around the world

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5 ways CustomInvite can help your business communicate efficiently around the world

Written by Modality Newsroom on 16, November 2016


With businesses becoming increasingly globalised, many find themselves looking for efficient ways to work at scale across dispersed workforces and geographies. Skype for Business is the popular choice for organisations as it provides simple, efficient ways for employees to communicate and collaborate with each other and their customers. 

If your workforce and customer base are spread all over the world, you could find yourself with a complex set of communication challenges – not least of all language barriers. You can’t remove them all, but with our award-winning software, CustomInvite working alongside Skype for Business, you can simplify the international user experience.

In this blog, we highlight five ways that CustomInvite can enhance global communications within your business:

1. Easily create templates in any language

Our highly skilled team are experts in creating customised templates for businesses all over the world, so there’s a wealth of language options. You can ensure that the text in your invitation says exactly what you want it to say, whatever language it’s in.

No-fuss language adaptation

2. The choice of language happens automatically

CustomInvite detects which language a computer is running in, using information from the operating system, and serves up the correct template without any input required from you. (First you will need to ensure a template exists in the chosen language – but we can set this up for you!)

Extra options if you need them

3. Language is not a barrier

Maybe you want to send an invite in a different language from the one the user’s computer is running in. No problem: CustomInvite allows you to select the alternative language of your choice.

Customised dial-up numbers

4. Simplify the meeting joining experience

Skype for Business by default gives the invitee a choice of numbers to use. CustomInvite allows you to create simpler templates with just the number you want your participants to use (toll-based or toll-free).

A simpler user experience

5. Customise and refine your messaging

CustomInvite gives you complete control over the text within your meeting invitations. So you can cut out all the information that doesn’t apply to your users, making it much easier for them to understand. It’s also a simpler process for you as the organiser -  once you’ve got the templates created there’s no extra work involved.


Want to know more about CustomInvite and see how it can benefit & add value to your business? Watch the video below:



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