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Faced with the choice of broad knowledge or deep expertise, which would you choose?

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Faced with the choice of broad knowledge or deep expertise, which would you choose?

Written by Modality Newsroom on 28, July 2016

The modern workplace is constantly evolving and transforming the way we think and go about our business. With an array of enterprise changing technology, applications, software and cloud services available to organisations, the challenge for the modern business has become one of how best to leverage what is available in an integrated and seamless fashion to deliver real value to the business and its bottom line.

So in the complex world of enterprise IT, where do you start with plotting a technology roadmap for the business? Keeping pace with maintaining the necessary skills and capabilities in house is unrealistic, and with the increased drive to cloud and 'as a service' offerings, many organisations are forced to either turn to multiple vendors for specific expertise or large system integrators. Both have their merits but can also leave you exposed or tying to plug gaps.

But there is a third way.

As part of an initiative to provide our customers with an alternative, we are pleased to announce that Modality Systems is one of the founder members of the newly formed Consortium operating in the UK.

The Consortium, comprising of a united group of award-winning Microsoft partners, offers a combination of extensive enterprise level experience and an unrivalled depth of knowledge across the spectrum of Microsoft technologies, including Communications and Collaboration, Security, Business Intelligence, Cloud and Change Management. Our sole purpose is to help organisations unlock the potential of their Microsoft investment and realise the value of digital transformation within their business. 

Unlike other alternatives, the Consortium combines the depth of experience and expertise found in specialist vendors, with the agility and flexibility of a small/medium business, and breadth of knowledge often associated with large System Integrators. The Consortium has a non-competitive, inclusive culture where each partner recognises the added value of everyone's skillsets and cross business aptitude. With a common approach and shared methodologies, every engagement is assessed separately and then the relevant cross - Consortium team is assigned to meet the customer requirements. 


To find out more about this exciting new approach, contact your normal Modality Systems contact or visit the Consortium website.

You can also download the Consortium brochure or register your interest and we'll contact you to discuss your requirements in more details.  

Ian Guest

Head of Marketing

Modality Systems 


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