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Modality Systems helps BPAY create an office of the future with Skype for Business Cloud PBX

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Modality Systems helps BPAY create an office of the future with Skype for Business Cloud PBX

Written by Modality Newsroom on 31, January 2017

BPAY is one of Australia’s leading bill payment service providers offering fast, secure and convenient bill payments through over 150 Australian financial institutions, covering over 95 per cent of the consumer banking market.

To adopt a modern workplace culture in the new office location in Sydney CBD, and to meet a growing requirement for advanced communication & collaboration among their workers, BPAY was in need of an innovative solution that would meet their communications requirements, particularly to enable hot-desking and flexible working.Having already implemented Microsoft Office 365, the next step was to take full advantage of the cloud voice and meetings functionality of the platform.

Modality Systems worked closely with BPAY to design and implement a Cloud PBX solution with On-Premises PSTN connectivity. The biggest challenge both BPAY and Modality Systems faced was the relocation of office from Rhodes to Sydney CBD. Modality Systems’ world class IMG-20170131-WA0000.jpgConsultant and Project Manager were equipped with the best knowledge and experience in the industry and we completed the project within budget and ahead of timeline. We started with our unique UC 360 Impact Assessment to identify the potential gaps and determine the technical requirement to establish understanding and agreement of detailed technical design and configurations. To ensure a seamless integration with Skype for Business, our Consultant conducted a comprehensive user analysis, dial plan, voice policy and routing plan, before configuring the dial plan rules on gateways.

Modality System’s User Adoption service has an enviable success record of driving companywide adoption of Skype for Business and increasing employee adoption by up to
94%. To ensure the users fully embracing the new communication system the first day they moved into the new office, we started with a Modality Systems facilitated pilot consisting of 50 users from BPAY’s IT team and selective staff members. The pilot validated that Skype for Business was a good fit to their changing needs and work culture. We rolled out training to the entire office after the successful pilot, which covered all of the basic client functionality – Instant Messaging, Presence, Conferencing (audio, web and video) and Telephony. To ensure 100% user satisfaction, we delivered Floor Walking to compliment the internal user adoption team and provided functional ‘how do I?’ support.

Upon completion of the deployment, Modality Systems helped BPAY create an “Office of the Future”, which will foster and cultivate a cultural change that promotes hot desking and a flexible working arrangement. IMG-20170131-WA0002.jpgA client entering BPAY’s new office today will feel they are in a company that operates at the leading edge of technology. Office 365 and Skype for Business are putting familiar tools in the hands of employees, giving them the Skype experiences they know, and the phone system they use every day.  Communication is no longer limited within the physical bricks-and-mortar office. The BPAY team members can now use their phone anywhere, both in and out of the office. The new phone system took the extension number out of the picture and it significantly reduced the time and frustration of making phone calls. Team members are no longer tied to their own desks, the new communication technology enables them to connect with colleagues and clients on any mobile device eg. Laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Modality Systems also helped BPAY transform their meeting culture. With Plantronics meeting room devices set up in a number of huddle spaces, BPAY staff enjoy a seamless meeting joining experience. For management, the new set up significantly reduced the conferencing costs, with the estimated payback period less than 12 months.

If you are interested to learn more about how Modality Systems helped BPAY dramatically improve collaboration and productivity with Skype for Business Cloud PBX and our user-centric approach, register for our upcoming free webinar where we will cover how we helped our customers:
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