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Better software testing helps drive operational efficiency

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Better software testing helps drive operational efficiency

Written by Modality Newsroom on 26, September 2016

You may not be familiar with the world of software testing, but it’s a discipline that goes to the very heart of operational efficiency

Creating a fast and effective QA (Quality Assurance) process not only ensures that a product can be released in rapid increments, it also frees up the development team to do other things, such as respond to customer support issues.

The positive impact on customer experience is direct and tangible.

This is why we’re especially pleased to announce that Modality Systems has been selected as a finalist for the European Software Testing Awards, one of the most highly regarded global benchmarks of QA success.

For the development and release of CustomInvite, our innovative Microsoft Outlook plug-in which makes it easy to send tailored Skype for Business meeting invites directly from Outlook, our QA team have developed a highly innovative testing regime.

By automating our software testing process and also changing our coding practices to support this new way of working, the time it has taken to develop and release the first iterations of the product has been dramatically reduced.

In an industry where new releases can often take months to deploy, Modality Systems is now able to turn around new releases and product fixes in rapid succession, often within days. This is operational efficiency in action.

Coming just a week after we received the notification that CustomInvite has won a prestigious TMC Labs Innovation Unified Communications Award, we’re hoping to add another piece of silverware to our collection on 15th November when the European Software Testing awards are announced.

Good news for Modality Systems. Even better news for our customers.

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