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Modality Systems APAC breaks record with 1200 cloud voice seats

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Modality Systems APAC breaks record with 1200 cloud voice seats

Written by Modality Newsroom on 28, September 2017

Justin Morris.jpgSince initially expanding operations into Australia in 2014, Modality Systems APAC has seen solid growth and expansion in that time. With local offices now in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore, and a tenfold increase in our headcount, our expertise spans Australia and Asia Pacific.

We are in a fortunate position within the ICT industry, in that Australian businesses are very early adopters of new transformational technology & practices, and are quick to jump on innovation and cutting-edge solutions to set them apart and differentiate themselves in a growing market.

This mindset and acceptance of being bold and trying something new has paved the way for Modality Systems to carve out a niche as one of the foremost leading specialists in Cloud communications. What sets us apart is not only our deep understanding of our customers’ needs and the Australian market, but the fact that we are one of a few specialist cloud voice Microsoft partners. And with the growing prevalence of Cloud technology, more businesses than ever are realising the benefits and value of adopting a Cloud-first model for their communications technology.

Back in December 2016, I set a milestone goal for the APAC team. I wanted us to double our current deployed number of cloud voice seats across Australia. I challenged myself and the team to aim high and set a lofty objective of achieving 1200 cloud voice deployments in 2017. In September this year, we achieved that goal; a massive 3 months ahead of schedule.

How have we managed to smash this stretch goal? It’s a combination of customers today seeking out smaller, nimble specialist partners that have a deep understanding and expertise in what they’re looking to achieve, and Modality’s core value belief in forming long-term partnerships with our customers, to realise the true value of their Microsoft cloud investment. As I like to say, Microsoft may provide the platform, but we bring it to life for our customers.

As a team, our emphasis remains firmly on enabling customers to embrace collaborative communications technology to facilitate business transformation, and together with our expertise in delivering Cloud-first solutions for unified communications through Skype for Business and Office 365, we have been able to create a strong leadership position in the Australian ICT industry.

Over the last three years we have invested extensively in our operations, both in terms of employee headcount and in developing technological advances to enhance the way we help our customers to achieve advanced communication and collaboration. Our passion and dedication to enabling people to unlock the true potential of technological change keeps us at the forefront of the technology revolution

I am immensely proud to be part of the Modality Systems story. It is a privilege to work for a truly inspiring industry-leading business. Our achievement of smashing our 1200 seats goal has only been made possible thanks to the fantastic support and great work of the entire Modality Systems team in Australia.

Justin Morris
Australia Country Manager/VP APAC
Modality Systems

Topics: Industry

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