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A Day in the Life of a Managed Services Manager

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A Day in the Life of a Managed Services Manager

Written by Modality Newsroom on 17, October 2016

Under Modality's three core value pillars USAGE - HEALTH - FUTURE, our HEALTH proposition is to ensure client’s collaboration environment is reliable, performing at its best and up-to-date at all times in order to support business activities. Lead by Managed Services Manager, our first-class managed services is underpinned by a team of highly capable engineers, we provide around the clock, world-class services to alleviate the pain and support clients in ensuring the performance and health of communications environment is continually monitored, taking the necessary steps to keep it up-to-date and at optimum performance.

“People usually think my role as a Managed Services Manager is mainly desktop support”, says Nick Lymbers, APAC Regional Manager – Managed Services, “the most critical part of my job is actually working closely with my global support team to ensure stability to our customer environments by proactive monitoring and maintenance 24x7, which is made possible by conducting thorough on boarding of the customer into Modality Support”.

Nick joined Modality not long after we expanded our business into the APAC region in 2014, based out of Sydney, Australia. With over 7 years’ experience in IT Infrastructure management, design and implementation with the use of Microsoft technologies, Nick is a highly motivated and hardworking IT professional within client management and managed services. We ask Nick to take us through his day as a Managed Services Manager.


“There is no set time to start my day, the moment I’m in transit, I logon to the service system to check any priority client tickets and emails. I usually arrive in the office around 8:30am, then start responding to customer’s management team enquiries, which I believe is the best way to keep open and solid communications, ensuring a healthy partnership”.


“My local Support Engineers arrive at 9:30am, it is the time we start the hand-over process with the USA team. We spend 30 minutes with them covering any outstanding issues, supervise my team and co-ordinate resources to make sure the clients’ environment is continuously maintained and functioning healthily with latest security updates, bug-fixes and performance improvements.”


“Early afternoon is the busiest time for client calls as the rest of the APAC region start their day at this time. I catch up with clients’ management team on a regular basis to conduct business reviews including review on SLA for Service Availability, and incident and problem management. Biggest issue I face is poor communication of incidents and lack of details when customers log tickets, especially with high priority tickets. In order to keep our support team on top of managing communications during incidents, during these review calls I walk through ticket logging process and communication procedures with customers support team and management creating unity with our partnership”.


Managing the health and wellbeing of customers’ environments can be a complex undertaking given the diversity and dependencies involved with all the different component services, applications and suppliers that make up a complete collaboration solution. “I allocate a certain time of my day on connecting with vendors and third parties eg. Hardware supplier and escalate hardware performance issues. This greatly improves the incident to resolution process and makes all parties less stressed and happier to work with each other.”

Nick and our 24 x 7 managed services team is committed to meeting customer requirements at the highest level to ensure client’s needs and expectations are met promptly and efficiently. With Pro-Active Monitoring and Maintenance, Continuous Service Improvement practices, and IT Service Management methodologies provide UC Service Owners a virtual team to be responsible for controlling, managing, supporting, and improving the operational availability and delivery of their Microsoft-based UC services.


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