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A day at the NHS Mid-Yorkshire IT Expo - the importance of connecting the user and the architect

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A day at the NHS Mid-Yorkshire IT Expo - the importance of connecting the user and the architect

Written by Modality Newsroom on 20, July 2016

From medical simulation to machine learning, the NHS is in a constant battle to keep up with the inexorable advance of technological innovation. The Mid-Yorkshire IT Expo, however, was as much about looking to the future as it was about recognising where healthcare and IT is today. The opportunity for NHS staff to connect with trusted IT partners is a vital component in breeding successful technology projects.

Heather Cook, Director of IT at MY NHS Trust

Modality Systems is well aware of the importance of this lifeline between end-user and IT facilitator. In the NHS, around £5bn worth of IT projects are considered to be failing. The lack of user buy-in is cited as one of the greatest factors responsible for dismantling such initiatives. Ensuring user-adoption demands more than an ongoing dialogue with IT teams. Strong and sustained use of new technology requires a whole 'lifecycle' of planning, validating, training and support. During the Expo, a small team of physiotherapists asked if Skype for Business could be implemented in their department. Unbeknown to them, they already had full Skype for Business capabilities on their systems. User-adoption is the catalyst for realising the return on your investment. Few projects, if any, succeed without proper consultation and planning with all stakeholders. If users are informed, willing and ready to embrace a change - technologies such as a Skype for Business can provide real benefits to your organisation.

Andy Buchanan, Head of Sales at Modality Systems

Advanced collaboration/communication initiatives should rarely be viewed as just an 'IT project'. Instead, they should be viewed as a broader process to deliver organisational benefits - in the case of healthcare, this should mean more frequent and improved patient outcomes. The NHS IT Expo highlighted the value of a carefully calculated and ongoing user-adoption plan. By doing so, the Mid-Yorkshire Trust is starting to get the most out of their investment in IT.

For more information on how Skype for Business can benefit your organisation and the wider healthcare sector, check out our Infographic.

Toby Brown
Marketing Intern
Modality Systems


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