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May, 20 2020

A coffee in the cloud: 5-minute successes

Over the next couple months, I will be writing a number of blogs that center around effective cloud adoption. This series is aimed at anyone who wants to understand the benefits of adopting cloud tech[...] Read More

May, 12 2020

Cloud Technology in the UK’s Police Forces

Just like many other industries, the UK’s Police Forces have undertaken a significant digital transformation over the last few years with an increase in the use of mobile technologies, data, devices, [...] Read More

April, 22 2020

Balancing Life Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

Health Our People

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of us in different ways and everybody’s personal situation is different. However, the one commonality is that many of us have had to adapt our way of working [...] Read More

March, 25 2020

Microsoft Teams tops tips: Keeping your remote employees engaged

Health Our People

We continue to live in unusual times. As the UK Government enforces a formal lockdown to contain the spiralling spread of Coronavirus cases and Boris Johnson urges that the nation “must stay at home, [...] Read More

March, 19 2020

Keeping our business working, now we are ALL at home

Health Our People

Modality Systems have this week been operating successfully with 90%+ of all employees in our global business working from home, as from today this will be 100%. Read More

March, 10 2020

CreateTeam for Microsoft Teams governance and security

In our final installment of our CreateTeam Blog series, we examine why CreateTeam is essential to organizations that wish to empower their users to improve collaboration whilst retaining the right amo[...] Read More

March, 06 2020

What should senior management be considering when asking a large workforce to work from home?

As the UK begins to feel the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and numbers jump to 115 reported UK cases and almost 100,000 worldwide, many organizations are implementing ‘social distancing,’ canc[...] Read More

March, 02 2020

How CreateTeam can help optimize your Teams experience

Part 3 of our CreateTeam Blog series walks through the features of the App, and how it can help organizations ensure that users can make optimal use of Microsoft Teams for collaboration. Read More

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